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Hey Everyone! I am Bianca Del Cioppo and I am in love with art!

I am currently a student at Sierra Nevada College in beautiful Lake Tahoe. I am working towards my BFA in ceramics. I am relatively new to the ceramic art world, but I am quickly making up ground and filling every moment of my life with art shows, conventions, ceramics history and time in the studio. This blog is just a collection of what I make, what I see and things that peek my interest in the art world. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer of Workshops- Randy Brodnax and Don Ellis

My last workshop of the summer with Randy and Don was amazing. The most memorable experience over the course of the week was a compliment I was given by Randy. I was sitting at my wheel, working on a vessel form that Don had taught the class earlier that day. Randy comes up and sits next to me and gives me a tip or two for my piece and then he said, " If you don't become a great artist and keep going with your work, I am personally going to come back here and kick your butt." From an artist who's work I have seen across the US, I was quite flattered and moved. From that point on, I have been thinking about clay and art every minute of everyday, working towards my goals.

 One of my finished pieces. (Above)

These are both Randy and Don's pieces that they either brought or made during the workshop. Beautiful!

My take on Randy's fish sculpture.

Two of my finished pieces from the workshop, both heading to auction soon.

Summer of workshops- Taiwanese Exchange Workshop

My school had an amazing group of students come from Taiwan to do a summer ceramic workshop with us. Ten students and two of their professors spent three weeks with my professor, Rick, a classmate and myself. It was loads of fun and very interesting to see creative works of the same medium, from across the world. Anyways, here are a few pictures of our adventures and whatnot.
 We went to the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, and San Francisco over the course of their trip. We saw a lot of art and had tons of fun!

Some of the girls and I went to Macy's in Union Square, San Francisco and we had to go try on some crazy shoes.