About Me

Hey Everyone! I am Bianca Del Cioppo and I am in love with art!

I am currently a student at Sierra Nevada College in beautiful Lake Tahoe. I am working towards my BFA in ceramics. I am relatively new to the ceramic art world, but I am quickly making up ground and filling every moment of my life with art shows, conventions, ceramics history and time in the studio. This blog is just a collection of what I make, what I see and things that peek my interest in the art world. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Second Day of Raku Firing

So after my first day of firing, I was on a roll. I decided to spend the whole day firing today and I got most of my pieces for JAPR done. Now all I need to do is finish making the rest of my pieces, (count 'em two!) and make my wire sculptures. I am right on schedule.

Finally Finishing Some Pieces

So I am three weeks from my Junior Art Portfolio Review and I am right on track. I did my first firing today, sampled all my glasses, made a layout for my "gallery" place and I only have three more pieces to make. Nerves are starting to settle in though. Being so close to the show date, I can't turn back now, if something goes wrong, well, I have to roll with the punches. Anyways, here is a peek at what I am working on.

Lots of copper in my glazes, see the green flame over the kiln. This is right before I unloaded it. I was super excited.

 My pots simmering.

This is my initial layout for the show, still working on it.