About Me

Hey Everyone! I am Bianca Del Cioppo and I am in love with art!

I am currently a student at Sierra Nevada College in beautiful Lake Tahoe. I am working towards my BFA in ceramics. I am relatively new to the ceramic art world, but I am quickly making up ground and filling every moment of my life with art shows, conventions, ceramics history and time in the studio. This blog is just a collection of what I make, what I see and things that peek my interest in the art world. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Starting My Junior Art Portfolio Pieces

In order to get my BFA, my college has us put on our own show, both as juniors and as seniors. The junior show is small, 5 to 7 pieces and we get a section of a large hallway in our library. We also have to show our pieces to the entire art department; talk about our work, the theme, form, content, etc..
Anyways, I have been thinking a lot about my theme lately an I have unknowingly been living my theme through my ceramics since I started. I am a psychology minor and I feel a strong connection between my art and the psychology behind it. One reoccurring theme in the psychology I have been studying is the Hero's Journey. It's all about being unhappy in the life you are living at the moment, and taking a "journey" to find your bliss/ passion/ religion/ etc.. Then, making the "journey" back to the 9 to 5 world and be able to live you live with your bliss. It's different for everyone and I feel like I have been experiencing my bliss every time I sit down at my wheel, every time I throw a pot, every time I mold the earth into a vessel that contains me, my life and my hero's journey. The vessel contains me. That is the one sentence I am thinking in my head every day.
My vessels are a physical  manifestation of my journey. Dancing is also a way for me to reach my bliss.
I have been dancing off and on, my whole life, whether it's ballet, jazz, blues, swing, west coast, salsa or tango. When I dance, I am feeling my bliss surge through my body like a lightning bolt.
Likewise, when I work on the wheel, I can feel the energy and my bliss pouring through my hands and to the rest of my body. So I had to join the two.
I have also been working with wire sculptures since high school and I love how it mimics the whirls of the clay in a thrown piece. So these are two wire sculptures, a couple tango dancing, I made for my show. These are just a trial run, the real ones are going to be copper wire with patina, to give them an aged look. This couple is an actual snapshot of two of my friends out on the dance floor, which makes it even more personal for me. Anyways, thats a long rant about my work. Hope you all enjoy. More to come.