About Me

Hey Everyone! I am Bianca Del Cioppo and I am in love with art!

I am currently a student at Sierra Nevada College in beautiful Lake Tahoe. I am working towards my BFA in ceramics. I am relatively new to the ceramic art world, but I am quickly making up ground and filling every moment of my life with art shows, conventions, ceramics history and time in the studio. This blog is just a collection of what I make, what I see and things that peek my interest in the art world. Enjoy!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shelves Done and Gallery Space Chosen

Just some samples of my pieces on the distressed wood shelves I just finished yesterday.

We finally went to our gallery space and picked out a wall. There are eight people doing their Junior Art Portfolio Review on Friday. Only one more week.
This is my wall, the previous show is still being broken down, I can start hanging shelves this weekend. It's starting to become real,...super excited.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Starting to Piece Together

This last week I have been thinking a lot about how my how my pieces are going to look. My professer and I are going to be making all my stands and shelves this week. I have also been working on putting the wire and ceramic pieces together. These are some pictures of what I have been playing around with, before the patina.

 By now I have finished this piece. (pictures to come) I have a small bunch of wire wrapping around the pot, and I have also put patina on the wire so it has an aged/worn look to it.

The vessels are equal to that of our own bodies, our own vessels. The wire is a psychical manifestation of our soul, what comes from a hero's journey, a personal journey to better ones self.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Officially Done With Clay

I finished my last ceramic piece for my Junior Art Portfolio Review today. It was an amazing feeling. Now I just need to finish up my wire sculptures and then I will be done with my JAPR pieces. The count down begins, I only have three more weeks until I present. But now its just a matter of figuring out how to place each piece and building stands for them. So far I am  the only ceramics major that has any finished pieces to speak of. Also, today was the first day that I felt at ease, no stress. I got through midterms, got my pieces done and I  get to relax this weekend away. Life it pretty good.

Here is a nostalgic moment just before I flip my last piece. Also, another picture of my amphora piece. That my little space in the studio, completely full of work, tools and clay.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Third Raku Firing and New Pieces

Today I feel very accomplished. I finished firing all my bisque pieces and one of my three remaining greenware pieces. My shelf in the studio is so full, I have invaded another open shelf. I am very happy with how my pieces are turning out.

 This is what accomplishment really is. I feel great.

 My modern take on a Greek amphora. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Second Day of Raku Firing

So after my first day of firing, I was on a roll. I decided to spend the whole day firing today and I got most of my pieces for JAPR done. Now all I need to do is finish making the rest of my pieces, (count 'em two!) and make my wire sculptures. I am right on schedule.

Finally Finishing Some Pieces

So I am three weeks from my Junior Art Portfolio Review and I am right on track. I did my first firing today, sampled all my glasses, made a layout for my "gallery" place and I only have three more pieces to make. Nerves are starting to settle in though. Being so close to the show date, I can't turn back now, if something goes wrong, well, I have to roll with the punches. Anyways, here is a peek at what I am working on.

Lots of copper in my glazes, see the green flame over the kiln. This is right before I unloaded it. I was super excited.

 My pots simmering.

This is my initial layout for the show, still working on it.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Workshop Class on an Adventure

I am in a Friday class that meets with artists, that visit the college, and learn different ways of looking at art. We sat in on a lecture from Bill Gilbert, and from that we were assigned to do a piece, made solely from nature, in nature. So last Friday we went on a hike to Chimney Beach and each student went off and made a piece, having to do with nature and their own work. Because I am right in the middle of my JAPR process, I decided to make a vessel of sticks and pine needles, balanced on the edge of a rock. When all of us were done, we decided to relax and talk about each piece and how we could use aspects of it in our own work. Everyone responded well to my piece and a few thought that I should incorporate the balancing aspect into my JAPR. So I am. I feel very good about what was accomplished on that trip. It also helped to get out of the studio and clear my head. It allowed me to be open to new ideas. 

As soon as we got to our "camp", one of my classmates climbs up a broken tree and arranges all our buckets on top. Collaborative piece at work. Haha.

This is my piece.

 Another student's work. Also, the class talking. (Left)

  More of my classmates' pieces.

Our "collaborative" piece next to one of Lake Tahoe's bald eagle nests. Unfortunately they are just a memory now.